• Material replenishment

    Our extensive range of trolley solutions enables us to provide efficient, economic material handling for products of varying shapes and sizes. Milk runs can be accommodated using kit trolleys or taxi solutions.

  • Pre Assemby/Assambly

    We understand the importance of reliability and speed of operation for the assembly line. Our trolleys are ergonomic and multi adjustable to suit individual operator needs.

  • Sequence Handling

    Our efficient truck and trolley trains provide a smart logistic solution to sequence replenishment of components to assembly lines.

  • Pallet Handling

    A manual pallet trolley makes it easy to handle arriving pallets in an efficient way. Pallets are loaded onto trolleys and then placed in the warehouse according to FIFO principles.

  • Dolly and Box Handling

    In our range we have several different dollies, large and small, with or without handle, stackable or raised. These can be transported manually, in trains, and with different kinds of taxi solutions. We also have various roll containers for handling of boxes and loose material.

  • People

    When a person needs to travel some distance in the production premises, we have many convenient solutions: service

Just-in-time since 1958

Helge Nyberg AB was established in 1958, and immediately began working with the automotive industry. Our aim today remains the same, increased profitability through more effective material handling. Our truck and trolley systems provide car manufacturers and industry subcontractors with the optimum solution for their internal material handling requirements.

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