• Incomming Delivery

    We form part of a cost-effective logistic solution, whether it’s fast cross-docking or delivery straight to the warehouse.

  • Single-piece Picking and Multi Order Picking

    We have truck and trolley solutions with adjustable compartments and partitions for cases and loose items, making it easier to sort orders while picking.

  • Box Picking

    For light material handling, we have a unique concept that combines the strength and speed of an electric truck with all the excellent properties of our trolleys.

  • Batch Picking

    Our batch picking solutions are designed for efficient, ergonomic picking of items that are to be sorted into orders

  • Replenishment

    Our wide product range includes various trolleys and trucks that turn on their own axis and are light enough to run on mezzanine floors.

  • Sorting

    After batch picking, our sorting trolleys are easy and flexible when sorting items against orders.

  • Transport

    Efficient ergonomic solution that saves time and energy.

  • Outgoing Delivery

    Our transport cages and roll containers make ideal load carriers when transporting goods to customers.

  • Returned Goods Handling

    We have solutions for every stage of the mail order and distribution processes.

Efficient and smart E-commerce & Order picking

Since starting up in 1958, Helge Nyberg has maintained its head office, Research and Development and production in the region with Sweden’s most thriving mail order industry. As a result, we’ve learned from and developed the industry’s logistics solutions. And we continue to do so.

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