3 important changes at Lyko

Lyko has an annual growth of about 30 percent and therefore needed a more efficient solution of order picking, to be able to handle the increased pressure. Here's three important changes that comes with the new truck- and trolley solution from Helge Nyberg AB.

1.Multiple order picking possible.
The new solution provides space for 1000 plastic boxes that streamlines the order picking flow and makes multiple order picking possible. An important case for Lyko who has more than 20.000 items in the warehouse.

2.Efficient and peaceful
Lyko now has a more peaceful and efficient environment in the warehouse, thanks to the quick and silent trucks.

3.Increased well-being.
Thanks to the new ergonomic trucks, the personnel is not as physically tired after a working day as they used to. Everyone notice a big difference and their well-being has increased significantly.

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