3 tips from the replacement of trolleys at Mekonomen

Mekonomen Wholesaler  needed to pick to more stores in every round and at the same time improving the ergonomics. Here are three important conclusions from the cooperation with Helge Nyberg AB.

1.Adjustable trolleys increases the comfort.
Handles and other details have been adapted in different ways to each employee. This gives a smoother  way of work and better ergonomics. Read more about solutions adapted to your uniqe needs.

2.Optimize the picking with the right number of boxes.
After analyzes and test runs, the number of boxes increased from one to six, on each trolley. This improved both the ergonomics and the efficiency significantly.

3.Good wheels saves your body.
Four swivel wheels is complemented with two middle wheels (support wheel system). It makes the trolley easy to maneuver through curves and easy to handle, even when the load is heavy.

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