5 key logistics improvements at CDON.com

When PostNord TPL gathered all the departments of CDON.com under one roof, the logistics of the company improved. Previously, the departments were scattered in several different cities, but now the order picking and deliveries to customers are much smoother than before. Here are five important conclusions from the cooperation with Helge Nyberg AB.

1.Deliveries to the cusomers improved.
Deliveries will be both smoother and cheaper when everything is shipped from the same place. Learn more about how PostNord solves the logistics for CDON.com.

2.Large variety of items are sampled on the same trolley.
When the picking trolleys are adjustable, it is easy to pick goods that differ in size and shape on the same trolley.

3.Flexible processes at peaks.
With the entire warehouse in one building, PostNord can respond to peaks and volume increases efficiently. As well as the number of employees triples, volumes also increase drastically during certain periods, such as Black Friday and Christmas trade.

4. Many orders on the same round.
A trolley that employees at PostNord really likes has 80 compartments with dividers in plexiglas. The material was chosen to protect fragile goods, but also to make the trolley light, thus improving ergonomics.

5.Smooth flow.
In the heart of the warehouse there is incoming delivery, service shop and the outbound delivery close to each other. This provides a smooth flow when the personnel switches the trolleys.

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