Carefully preparatory work with Yves Rocher.

Helge Nyberg AB delivered the first trolley to Yves Rocher already in the 80’s. Over the years several trolleys has been delivered and tested in the production. The long collaboration resulted in a good preparatory work for a smart and smooth development of the last trolley.

Mats Brafors is the distribution manager at Yves Rocher and he says:

– Previously we picked the goods in boxes and then lifted it to a packing table and after that packed into the delivery boxes. It was a process with unnecessary elements that were not effective.

Yves Rocher wanted to make management easier and therefore they brainstormed ideas with Helge Nyberg. During the process the new trolleys were tested to find a solution that was both efficient and ergonomic. The long cooperation and carefully preparatory work resulted in the new custom solution of motorized trolleys. The new flexible solution made the unnecessary intermediate station on the packing table disappeare and Yves Rocher can now pack directly in the final delivery boxes.

– We are very pleased with the long collaboration and responsiveness and innovation will that characterizes Helge Nyberg, concludes Mats Brafors.

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