Customize the trolley for the product

Our trolleys are supposed to work for the picking of many different kinds of goods. Therefore, the trolleys are flexible and easy to adapt to your different products and needs. Here are some examples of trolley solutions that are designed to meet our customers’ specific requirements.

Tailored Lindex solution

At Lindex fashion industry they use trolleys that are tailored for high efficiency picking. The trolleys are taking 20 orders at a time, and are provided with grid shelves to prevent the goods to become dirty. At the back of the trolleys, there’s also room for hanging garments. 

Size matters at Stadium

The picking trolleys at Stadium has up to 30 sections and are adjustable so that products of different types and sizes can fit – everything between shoes and skis. At the larger picking trolleys, the lower shelf is placed with a distance from the floor, so that the driver doesn’t have to bend down to reach. All the trolleys are ergonomically designed to facilitate the work.

Long picking trolleys at Ellos

E-commerce involves high demands for efficiency and ergonomics. The e-commerce business Ellos uses special designed trolleys, produced considering the company’s various needs. Among other things, Helge Nyberg AB has developed a longer picking trolley to Ellos, for transporting large quantities of hanging garments, especially coats.

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