Keep the staff healthy and the costs low

There are many factors that affect the costs of material handling. The equipment obviously plays an important role. So does the staff's health. When everything comes around there’s the big picture that controls the costs. Here are three tips on how you can cut the cost of warehousing and logistics.

1.Prioritize ergonomics
Ergonomic solutions – for example trucks with low entry and low-vibration platform, or trolleys with ladder and adjustable shelves and handles – provides an economic impact by reduced costs for sickness absence and rehabilitation.Read about our ergonomic trolley solutions.

2.Time is money
Do not go in vain, it costs money. Our trolley trains with "pick-train" connection reduces the walking distance at the order picking. It contributes to a more cost-effective business because it saves time. You can find more examples of how you can efficiency your order picking to save time and money. Learn more about our pick-train solution

3.Smart picking solutions
Do you have a business that is growing? Review your warehouse logistics. Growth and increased material handling does not mean that you have to expand the warehouse. Helge Nyberg AB has smart, modern and cost-effective picking- and transport solutions that can be adapted to the conditions of your warehouse. Efficiency is the key to keeping personnel costs down. We help you to efficiency your warehouse logistics. Read about how we helped Lyko reduce their material handling costs. Here you will find information on our smart truck- and trolley solutions.

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