Thorn Lighting AB

Together, Thorn Lighting and Helge Nyberg found a better way for material transferred between warehouse and production. The result was a better order, a minimum of pallets in production and On-Time-Delivery.

Autotrucks Replace Three Manned Forklift Trucks

Each day there could be hundred of visits to the raw materials warehouse to collect 
materials. Often a full pallet would be collected when just a small components were needed. This naturally had an impact on efficiency. 

”Because it improves efficiency so much the investmentin Autotrucks quickly pays for itself”, says MarkusBreuer, Senior Cunsultant at Kiendl LeanConsult to theleft in the photo above. To the right Ola Johansson,Supply Manager at Thorn Lighting Nordic AB.
At Thorn Lighting they are very pleased with Helge Nyberg’s solutions.
A simply adjustable reflex tape route on the floor, monitors the Ergobjörn Autotruck 101’s way and its stops for loading and unloading.

Thorn Lighting Nordic AB is a company in the Zumtobel Group and is a global brand in professional indoor and outdoor lighting. Thorn supplies lighting to over 100 markets around the world. 

The Zumtobel Group is switching to lean manufacturing with the aim of making major savings over a three-year period. This called for efficiency improvements in logistics and warehouse storage at Thorn Lighting Nordic AB in order to free up space, optimise resources and raise productivity. 
  ”When we started there was no real organisation in the way materials were supplied from the raw material stores to production. Using Autotruck 101 with our pallet trolleys was an important part of the solution”, says Ola Johansson Supply Manager at Thorn.

Specific Results with the Autotruck
The idea behind lean manufacturing is largely to free up resources and use them where they have greatest benefit. Ergobjörn Autotrucks have delivered  concrete results in this process. Three Autotrucks now take care of work that previously required three manned forklift trucks. 
  ”The forklift operators who were replaced by Autotrucks now have other duties, which further improves efficiency in the warehouse and  materials handling”, says process owner Patrik Nilsson. 

Problem solving with On-Time-Delivery 
Thorn’s problem was inefficient logistics for internal materials handling, between the warehouse and production. The problem was solved by reorganising the product range, materials supply and the production lines. Materials supply was divided into sections. The product teams that require the largest volume of materials are now supplied by milk runs, while the Ergobjörn Autotrucks are mostly used to supply teams that require a more flexible and effective solution. The result is a well-organised warehouse, a minimum of pallets in production and ontime delivery on the factory floor. Fitters can concentrate on assembling products, and warehouse staff can look after internal transport. 
  ”I was impressed by the fact that it only took two hours to install the Autotruck. We’ve now made similar improvements in several of the group’s other factories in Germany, Austria and the UK”, says Ola Johansson Supply Manager at Thorn, in conclusion.