Mont Blanc AB

Mont Blanc AB is one of the leading suppliers of high quality, customer adapted systems, racks and holders for the global car industry. This requires high demands for efficiency and delivery accuracy. The Ergobjorn truck with an automatic lifting table is an important part of the improvements made for a smarter material handling.

World Class Racks and Holders

An automatic lifting table on the truck facilitates the work with material replenishment.
With an automatic lifting table the Ergobjorn truck Model 612 is designed for excellent ergonomics, efficient movement of material and optimal use of storage space.

Strive for Efficiency
    – At the head office in Dalsjöfors Sweden, we have sales, development, construction and manufacturing, says Jan Östensson, responsible for production support. In our production we follow Lean-models and kanban systems based on just in time. This means continuous material replenishment. We have also focused on ergonomics in this process. Our end products have a maximum weight of 12 kg. But, it is still a question of having a well-working flow, for both personnel and production. 
    – Today, we spend too much time moving material. Our aim is to reach the operator directly without any extra stock handling. This means that when an operator needs material, a kanban card with a request for replenishment goes directly to the goods reception.



" – The Ergobjörn picking truck with the automatic lifting table increases efficiency in terms of material replenishment.
Jan Östensson, responsible for Production Support


No Heavy Lifting
The kanban rack system allows the material to be filled from one side and picked from the other, and it is here where the concept from Helge Nyberg fits perfectly. The Ergobjorn picking truck with the automatic lifting table transports the material directly to the assembly station. The material is then placed in the racks with the help of the table being adjusted to different levels, thus avoiding manual lifting.
    – We were looking for something special to facilitate the work for our personnel, and at the same time to increase efficiency in terms of material replenishment. At Helge Nyberg’s website we spotted the truck with the lifting table which had been delivered to Volvo, and we realized that this would be perfect for our needs as well. At the same time we are aware of the importance of freeing warehouse space for our customers.

Focus on Racks and Holders
Mont Blanc in Dalsjöfors outside Borås has concentrated on racks and holders and accessories for these, as OEM products for the automotive industry where Toyota is the largest customer, as well as own products for the aftermarket. Customers in North Europe and Scandinavia are serviced from Sweden. A similar plant in France is concentrated on the secondary market in France and Southern Europe. The UK have their own production for the domestic market, and in Romania manufacturing is carried out to support the whole of Europe. 
    – Development and design are important elements. We design, develop prototypes and test systems and products, to the automotive industry’s requirements as well as our own. And in many cases, we manufacture tools for sheet metal parts ourselves, says Jan Östensson.
    – The truck has been found fulfilling all the functions we need and it is fast, which is a condition for using it.The Ergobjorn truck with the lifting table and trolleys enables rationalization by instantly providing the assembly line with components needed. 
    – We have developed the truck with ergonomics, speed and efficient material handling in mind, says Dan Karlsson at Helge Nyberg AB. The intention is to  relieve personnel from heavy lifting and to deliver components ”just in time”.