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Postnord Logistics TPL AB - Order picking made efficient with manual trolleys

Postnord Logistics TPL AB , within Third Party logistics, are the largest in Sweden and a significant distributor in the re-regulated pharmacy business in Sweden. With manual trolleys, approximately 100,000 order lines are picked every week. The constantly increasing efficiency is largely due to the fact that Postnord Logistics TPL AB are in the forefront with logistic solutions in their warehouse and in their order picking process.

The personnel handle one trolley at a time. They fill it up, pick orders and then empty the trolley at a conveyor band.
When full with orders, the trolley is emptied smoothly and ergonomically at a conveyor band with direct connection to the loading area.
Most of the time there are several trolleys in the aisles. A well thought-out warehouse solution is crucial.

Improved Ergonomics
Today, the work is easy for the person picking orders. No lifting over shoulder height, the possibility of filling the trolley from both sides, and being able to handle a maximum number of orders for each picking round. It’s also easier to keep the premises clean, since empty packaging can be placed on the trolleys. 



" – The choice of Ergobjörn Trolleys from Helge Nyberg AB provided the best solution for meeting our customer' needs.
Bengt Ydebäck, Logistics Division Manager Postnord


Helge Nyberg AB Sees the Big Picture
“Helge Nyberg does not only sell products, but works actively with developing total solutions that fits our business. We made a thorough evaluation of several suppliers, where the choice of Ergobjörn Trolleys from Helge Nyberg provided the best solution for meeting our customers’ needs”, says Bengt Ydebäck, Logistics Division Manager. “Our personnel appreciate the new trolleys which are narrow, smooth and easy to handle. Above all, they are very easy to turn around, even in very narrow spaces”, he continues.

Efficient Flow
Production planners make sure the system creates the most optimum picking orders possible.The person picking orders takes a couple of order lists, fills up the trolley with boxes and begins the order picking process.

The different product categories are placed in different zones. The trolley is then emptied at a conveyor band with direct connection to the loading area where the  boxes are consolidated to entire shipments for each store. 
   By using scanners and in-house control systems, quality is guaranteed both in the picking process and for the entire flow.

Stongly Increased Productivity
Productivity has increased significantly since starting to use the Ergobjörn Trolleys.

“There is a continuous need for increasing capacity and it is important to maintain high productivity”, says Bengt Ydebäck, Logistics Division Manager. The range is growing with approximately 100 articles every week. New logistics projects are already in line and smart
replenishment of goods is the coming focus.