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Swegon AB - Ergonomic KIT- trolleys Solved the Lack of Space

Swegon in Kvänum manufactures world class air handling units. The Kvänum factory is the largest of Swegon AB’s eight factories and has 350 employees. Swegon produce materials and tools in a variety of designs depending on what their customers need. The product model that is manufactured in the production flow where Ergobjörn trolleys are used, only occurs in a few physical variations, but results in a wide variety of end products. This creates high demands on the handling of materials and production space utilisation.


The parking location for kit-trolleys provides a visual overview of required picking needs. The customised picking lists tell us what to pick. Using the customised and flexible trolley, 220 different components can be handled, serving one specific product model.
”From an ergonomic standpoint, kit-trolleys are exceedingly better than the previous pallet picking. In addition,components are presented better and clearer for our technicians. The ability to place material vertically gave us a more efficient use of production space, ” says Magnus Jonsson, Production Engineer at Swegon”
At Swegon AB they not only use ergonomic kit solutions, they also using refills trolleys in a so-called milk run to supply the  technicians with materials and kept available. The trucks at Swegon AB were sold through Helge Nyberg AB’s global partner Toyota Material Handling, under the brand name BT Movit.

In the past, employees picked orders and placed material directly on pallets. This was not an ergonomic solution. Today, picking lists are printed and after that, the employees pick material in a certain order, filling up a kit-trolley. The kitted trolleys are then placed in a specific parking location where they are later picked up by trucks and further distributed to the technicians in production.n production.  



" – To receive the customised kit-trolleys that Helge Nyberg AB developed was a huge step for us.
Magnus Jonsson, Production Engineer Swegon AB


Small Spaces Created Larger Needs

”Continuous product development with additional variants and ongoing improvement processes require more efficient and flexible material handling. The solution was kit-trolleys where the material can be placed both vertically or horizontally, which resulted in a better working environment”, says Magnus Jonsson, Production Engineer at Swegon AB.

Helge Nyberg AB was discovered by Swegon AB after one of their visits to Volvo, and was then contacted to find an ergonomic solution that could include a variety of materials for diverse  configurations. This became a process that  equired an intense collaboration between the two companies. To find the best solution, Swegon AB developed 2 of their most advanced picking proposals for difficult to handla products and dispatched them to Helge Nyberg AB, that in turn started to work on a solution that could meet Swegon AB's needs. "We knew that if Helge Nyberg could develop a solution that could handle our two hardest picking proposals, we would not have any problem with the remaining picking proposals," says Magnus Jonsson.


Kit-trolleys Became the Solution

The work resulted in a solution with kit-trolleys that were equipped with both smaller vertical compartments and larger horizontal ompartments for miscellaneous picking. The employees appreciate this solution.

”The kit-solution is very easy to handle, which facilitates our work since we get access to all four sides when we pick,” said Armanesa Redzovic, warehouse worker.

”Today, the trend is more and more a  combination of pick and kit, which is a development we are constantly working on to improve. To receive the customised kit-trolleys that Helge Nyberg AB developed was a huge step for us”, says Magnus Jonsson.