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PostNord solves the logistics of

When PostNord TPL gathered all the departments of under one roof, the logistics of the company improved. Previously, the departments were scattered in several different cities, but now the order picking and deliveries to customers are much smoother than before.

Irene easily operates the trolley towards the shelf where the customers running shoes are placed. 
Jens Svensk, product manager PostNord
Yoga mats mixed with LP records in vinyl and Playstations, waiting to be packed and sent to the customer.

PostNord TPL in Ljungby conducts warehouse operations for one of the largest department stores online in the Nordic region. Here are DVDs, video games, toys, electronics and sport devices gathered from several different suppliers. 
PostNord TPL is responsible for the operation, it includes inbound, warehousing, outbound and returns of products sold by



" – We brainstormed with Helge Nyberg. Their knowledge and trolley solutions with plexiglass compartments suits us perfectly well."
Jens Svensk, product manager, PostNord


Four departments became one
When revised its logistics solutions they made contact with PostNord TPL. For a long time they developed a plan that resulted in a partnership, where Jens Svensk was included in the project organization and was responsible for getting good internal processes in the warehouse.
The collaboration led to PostNord TPL could be consolidated four segments/divisions within and is now responsible for the operation of a Nordic warehouse. One by one they moved the departments to Ljungby and now they are  all gathered under one roof.

Trolleys with plexiglass compartments
PostNord is since a long time, accustomed to work with Helge Nyberg AB, regarding trolleys and logistic solutions.
Helge Nyberg AB presented a number of different trolley solutions, one of which was a Ergobjörn trolley with special plexiglass compartments, which was perfectly designed for CDs and DVDs.
– We looked at these trolleys and brainstormed with Helge Nyberg on the number of compartments and size. The trolley solutions and the knowledge that Helge Nyberg has suited us perfectly well, says Jens Svensk.
There are other kinds of shelf trolleys that rolls in Ljungby that facilitates the picking of products with varying sizes. On the same trolley there is a mix of shoes, helmets and clothing. A picking trolley series 100, equipped with long side grilles and shelf dividers to separate the orders, is the most suitable for this kind of products.

Triple employees
The cooperation between and PostNord TPL have created many job opportunities. In the period between Black Friday and Christmas, the number of people in the production tripled.
PostNord TPL can effectively respond to peak and volume increases with flexible processes, resources and equipment. Yet as the number of employees tripled, increases the volumes dramatically during this period.

Intense and smooth flow
The personnel have plenty of room to move around and in the middle of the warehouse the incomming delivery, service shop and the outbound delivery are in proximity to each other.
With a hand scanner the picking is fast and the system keeps track of inventory status directly. When the trolley is full, it is placed in the outbound delivery, where there are both manual and automatic packaging machines.