E-commerce trucks provided improved work environment

Customer case: Lyko Hair AB

Lyko Hair AB founded its e-commerce business over ten years ago, and much has happened since the family business started. The corporation has today 400 employees, 40 shops with salons in Sweden and Norway and a stock of over 35,000 products. The corporation launched their own brand Lyko some years ago and and they have an annual growth of about 40%.

Lyko.se, which is included within Lyko Hair AB, conducts e-commerce of beauty- and hair care products. The e-commerce business started in hairdressing salons, and when the products no longer fitted within the shelves, or when there was no time to pack them between customers, they moved their internet operations to a warehouse in Vansbro. Since then the company has used Ergobjörn trolleys from Helge Nyberg AB rolled on their floors. 

Growing E-commerce Creates Demands 

The growing e-commerce is evolving and when e-commerce becomes more of a habit for consumers, the demands on the logistics around it increase as well. Hence, Lyko Hair AB was in need of making their material handling even more efficient. 

" – The strong growth made our manual picking too time consuming. We were simply in need of a solution that helped us make our internal logistics more efficient."

Rickard Lyko, CEO Lyko Hair AB

Rickard Lyko, CEO Lyko Hair AB

The growing e-commerce requires efficient and flexible material handling, which Lyko Hair AB had to adjust to. What once was 70 various products for the corporation to manage, is today more then 20, 000. Their many trolleys are today transported by eCommerce trucks provided by Helge Nyberg AB to increase their efficiency.


Helge Nyberg AB was contacted and the present solution at Lyko Hair AB is now a complete solution that includes both trucks and trolleys for a more efficient order picking route. The trucks at Lyko Hair AB were sold through Helge Nyberg AB’s global partner Toyota Material Handling, under the brand
name BT Movit. 

Improved Work Environment for Employees

Today all goods are picked to trolleys that are connected to lean e-commerce trucks, and then wrapped with paper from packing machines before they are sent to the customers. Each product is scanned to ensure that customers receive the right products. It was a natural step for Lyko Hair AB to move from manual trolleys to a solution that combines both trucks and trolleys. The e-commerce trucks are easy to handle and the solution allows efficient order picking flow as well as the possibility to simultaneously handle many orders at once. The concept provides a significant difference for the work environment and for the employees. ”We notice a very big difference, especially after the workday. I have more energy and I am no longer as tired as I was before, ” said Sofie, warehouse worker at Lyko Hair AB. The reduction of manual tasks pervades the whole corporation, and the well-being of the employees has increased significantly. ”A healthy staff is the base of a strong corporation, and our work environment has improved. Thanks to a calmer atmosphere with less noise and ergonomic trucks the well-being of the staff has increased significantly, ” says Rickard Lyko. 

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