Return & reclaim

14 days of return

When you shop at Helge Nyberg AB online, you always have the right of return up to 14 days after delivery. Wrong order or wrong delivery: Before the goods are returned Helge Nyberg AB shall be informed of the reason. The desired return must be approved by Helge Nyberg AB in advance.

Products which have been ordered in error, must be returned and the buyer is responsible for the freight costs. Helge Nyberg AB reserves the right to charge a return fee of 10% of the price of the returned goods and the cost of any repairs to the extent that damage has been caused to the goods by the purchaser.

If goods have been sent in error by Helge Nyberg AB, the goods will be returned by the receiver. The goods must be packaged in the same way as shipped and the serial number must be indicated on the return.

The return must be approved by Helge Nyberg AB in advance, otherwise the return is not accepted.

Transport damage

During transport, your order is protected by our transport contract. If you use your own shipping agreements, it is those rules that apply. Visible transport damage or missing packages shall be noted on the consignment note immediately and reported to Helge Nyberg AB. Upon notification, we need a picture of the damage of both the packaging and the product. Concealed damage (not visible on packaging) must be notified within 7 working days. Please contact our customer service +46 321 263 00, NSAB 2000 applies.


If the delivery or product was not quite as you expected. Contact us to get assistance.

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