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Happy midsummer! In nine months the pressure is high at Jollyroom.

With flexible truck- and trolley solutions from Helge Nyberg the e-commerce business Jollyroom is ready for high pressure in the warehouse when the birth rate and the orders reaches its peak in the spring.

Statistics from Statistics Sweden (SCB) says that most children are made around midsummer and are born in the spring of next year. To Jollyroom, who sells children's and baby products, it means extra lot to do in the spring.

Jollyroom, which has grown rapidly since its inception in 2010, offers the largest selection of products in its segment and is aiming to reach 100 Million Euro turnover in 2017.

To meet the increasing order pressures - both for short, intensive periods and as the company grows - Jollyroom has invested in flexible truck and trolley solutions from Helge Nyberg AB. The flexibility was a requirement of Jollyroom, because the company's product range includes everything from hair ribbons and baby bottles to playhouses and trampolines.

At Jollyrooms 11,300-square-foot warehouse in Gothenburg, there are now a number of trucks with a "pick-train" connection. A solution which means that the train with truck and trollys can easily turn around in the narrow aisles, taking more products at a time, and that the picking time is reduced when the walking distance is shorter.

Even step trolleys and trolleys with adjustable shelves help to make the order picking effective at Jollyroom. Step trolleys serve as mobile workstations, where the employee can reach up to three meters. And with adjustable shelfs, the trolleys can quickly and easily be adapted to the size of the products to be picked.


– Vi love the ”pick-train” connection. It’s sharp. To be able to turn in narrow hallways, results in us getting more space and more efficiency, says Martin Blidberg, operations manager at Jollyroom.

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