The right trolley saves your back.

Ergonomics is important for both health and economy. Therefore, we have always ergonomics in mind when we develop our products. Ever since Helge Nyberg AB was founded in 1958, we have streamlined many warehouses and saved even more backs. 

This is three of the benefits with our ergonomic trolley solutions.


More efficient picking

Motorized trolleys, integrated trolley- and truck solution and trolleys with adjustable shelves, are examples of solutions that ease the physical work for the personnel. Besides, they streamlines the order picking. It gets simply faster with the right equipment.


Prosperous co-workers

VOur trolleys can easily be adjusted for both the task and the employees’ physical conditions. It makes the work easier for the co-workers, which makes them feel better – both physically and mentally. Read more about how our truck- and trolley solutions improved the workplace at Lyko's.


A good investment

Since our trolleys are manufactured according to a modular system, they complement with different wheel types and shelf sizes. It not only makes the trolleys more ergonomic, but also can be used for a variety of tasks for a long time. This way, they are a good investment.

Helge Nyberg AB is an international company with sales of our truck and trolley concept in 60 countries. Our head office with production and development is in Ulricehamn, Sweden. Our trademark Ergobjörn® is developed by ourselves with focus on making life better and easier for our customers. We have created a knowledge which ensures a modern, stable and reliable quality.