Bedmover at the hospital

Customer case: Karlstad central hospital

Helge Nyberg offers not only logistic solutions in the shape of trucks and trolleys. 
We also act as consultants working with, and helping customers to develop their total logistics. For Karlstad’s Central Hospital, we started with two bed movers. 

The Central Hospital has in total 500 beds, where a third of them are found in a new building. Within the hospital area, about 6,500 and 7,000 beds are being transported. All beds pass trough a central for washing and making. Since patients must leave as soon as possible this means a high frequency transportation. Another important aspect is the patients’ comfort. To get your own bed directly when arriving to the hospital is considered an important value.

" – Helge Nyberg AB broke new ground for us."

Roy Sjöqvist, unit manager Central hospital

Anders Toftmark from Helge Nyberg came and saw things from a different angle and was able to see how we worked before he came with suggestions for improvements. The cooperation led to a joint development of the bed mover.

A whole different way of thinking logistics

Karlstad’s Central Hospital are pioneers within logistics. Among other things, they are the first hospital in Sweden having a mutual warehouse – a storage lift between different levels. This solution was developed after a year’s study of how the job was done previously, to get knowledge of the most common items used. The study ended up in the range being halved from 1,000 items to 500. Instead of several variants of the same product, there’s now only one.
    – We are in the beginning of a whole new way of thinking logistics, says Henrik Svedell, Team Manager at the Hospital. We have just started to develop the logistics concerning the mail handling. We realise that we need something new, and Helge Nyberg are skilled problem solvers. During two days they took part in our daily work to see how we did things. After that they returned with a suggestion for improved handling with the help of small tow trucks. We will work in the same way with goods reception and lab tests’ transports. 

Developing the hospital’s transport logistics

When Helge Nyberg met personnel at the logistics 
department on Karlstad’s Central Hospital, the starting point were their need of functioning and robust bed transportation. On the basis of this, a bed mover was constructed from direct input from everyday work at the Hospital. 
    – We want to have long-term cooperation with our customers. The bed mover meant a mutual project for development. What we both have learnt from this, we can use for further development of the whole Hospital’s transport logistics, finishes Anders Toftmark Our efforts for the area Health Care & Hospital have among other things meant that we in cooperation with Karlstad’s Central Hospital have developed a truck which isused to transport beds. The Hospital has many different  types of beds and the bed mover fits them all. 
The truck is very easy to drive and also relieves the personnel from executing heavy lifts. It also provides the possibility for one person, instead of two, transporting a bed with a patient.

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