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Successful LEAN-Project with KIT-trolleys

Customer case: Dynapac

Dynapac was founded in 1934 and has its head office in Wardenburg Germany, as well as sales offices in 16 countries all over the world. 351 people work in Karlskrona, where machines for compaction and paving projects are manufactured. Production facilities are also found in Germany, Brazil, China, USA and India.

As for many other companies working with Lean based improvement projects, focus for Dynapac AB involved improved material flow, cost savings and efficient use of warehouse and production space. Ergonomics also played an important part.

Daniel Rasmusson Project Logistic Developer and Maria Gummesson Logistic Developer at Dynapac AB summarise the improvement and the conversion to Lean Production as a extremely rapid and challenging experience, but with a very successful


– Everyone is affected by changes and it feels good that we’re all satisfied. The personnel like the structure and we will use the same set-up with trucks and kitted trolleys for future projects as well. We are

very satisfied with Helge Nyberg AB and Toyota Material Handling AB as partners in this project, says Maria.

" – Helge Nyberg AB has been an important support to us."

Daniel Rasmusson, project logistic developer Dynapac

When targets are set, a lot of questions follows, for example; What articles should be used in which step? Which articles shall be kitted? Which articles should be filled up by suppliers? A lot of things must fall into place. Early in the project, it was made clear that there was not enough space for line side storage, and that trolleys should be used.

At Dynapac, Daniel Rasmusson has been the driving force, and with the help of a small project group consisting of, among others, Maria Gummesson, a German project leader and collage students, they have been very successful.

Ergonomics and safety work well. In the warehouse, heavy articles are placed at an ergonomic height avoiding any lifting over shoulder height. Furthermore, aisles between warehouse shelves are separated so that truck and pedestrian traffic never collide.

Truckarna och kit-vagnarna fungerade utmärkt från första dagen.

The trucks and the kit trolleys worked excellently from day one.

High quality all the way

Daniel had saved a brochure with solutions from Helge Nyberg AB, and already after the first phone call it was decided using Ergobjörn Solutions with trucks and trolley trains were the solutions that Dynapac

wished for.

“– It also means a lot that they have experienced other companies’ reality, which enables them to present a lot of different suggestions on solutions”, says Maria Gummesson.

A test trolley was quickly in position. Simple methods, such as marking the space required by different items with tape, made it easy and fast to reach a final decision upon the trolleys’ design. The train is driven with a maximum of four robust trolleys. 

A smart function with automatic wheel locks makes it easy to disconnect any trolley from the train. By stepping on a pedal, the wheels are shifted from fixed to swivel, and the trolley can be manoeuvred in all directions.

Pallet trolleys with heavy kKit

Some departments at Dynapac AB have gone through big changes. For example the loading area has been moved to the opposite side of the facility. The effect has been positive and Daniel and Maria look forward ro driving the trucks according to the calculated algorithms. Then, they will be able to measure the positive effects already seen. The improvement is constantly ongoing. The next coming project is to drive the trucks with heavy kits on pallet trolleys in the train.

My company logotype

Helge Nyberg AB is an international company with sales of our truck and trolley concept in 60 countries. Our head office with production and development is in Ulricehamn, Sweden. Our trademark Ergobjörn® is developed by ourselves with focus on making life better and easier for our customers. We have created a knowledge which ensures a modern, stable and reliable quality.