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Crucial service and maintenance

Customer case: Emballator Ulricehamns Bleck AB

Emballator Ulricehamns Bleck AB

The company Emballator Ulricehamns Bleck AB, was founded already in 1875. Today, it is a part of the Herenco-Group with Head Office in Jönköping, Sweden. Companies within the newspaper and printing industry are also found in the same group. With its 149 employees, Emballator Ulricehamns Bleck AB is one of the largest workplaces in Ulricehamn.

Twenty-four hours a day, in a modern production plant, manufacturing of metal packaging of various sizes is carried out. The scooter trolleys from Helge Nyberg are indispensable tools for the service technicians to work efficiently and keeping machines in function.

The Scooter Trolley from Helge Nyberg AB makes it easy for the service technicians to rapidly get to the machines. They roll extremely easy, and are easy to handle also when carrying heavy tools. It is furthermore no problem to drive in narrow passageways.

– Because of the bikes’ high quality, it is ok to spend a little time and effort to tailor them for our needs, says Peter Hjalmarsson who’s working as a service technician at Emballator since 15 years.

All service technicians tailor their own scooter trolley, and it is an important instrument.

– Sometimes it’s a bit of a sport to have the best trolley, and we constantly get new ideas for improvements. You’d better put your name on your scooter, otherwise people stand in line to get them, Peter continues.

The scooters are popular among other staff as well. 

Few purchases

About 15 scooter trolleys model 86 are found around the plant, and also a couple of model 65 without loading surface. The scooters save a lot of time and effort compared to walking. The longest distance from one side to the other is 300 meters.

– During my three years within the company, we have bought two scooter trolleys. The ones we have just keep on rolling. I think the oldest one is 24 years, and with original wheels on as well! says Dan Svenningsson, Production Manager at Emballator.

My company logotype

Helge Nyberg AB is an international company with sales of our truck and trolley concept in 60 countries. Our head office with production and development is in Ulricehamn, Sweden. Our trademark Ergobjörn® is developed by ourselves with focus on making life better and easier for our customers. We have created a knowledge which ensures a modern, stable and reliable quality.