Göran Nylén new CEO of Helge Nyberg AB

Göran Nylén has been appointed new CEO of Helge Nyberg AB. Göran has extensive international experience of business leadership in technology and industry.

After several years of strong growth, with 2019 counted as the best year to date in Helge Nyberg's history, the company has come to a point where it is ready to change management and organization to promote and strengthen the continued positive development of the business.

As part of this work, the Board of Directors of Helge Nyberg AB and Peter Sprigg have jointly decided to go different ways and after 10 years Peter Sprigg will leave the role of CEO of Helge Nyberg.

– I would like to thank Peter Sprigg for his efforts and commitment over the years, says Bengt-Erik Larsson, Chairman of the Board.

– Göran Nylén will, through his broad industrial and international experience, together with strong personal leadership, continue to develop the business together with employees and the Board, says Bengt-Erik Larsson.

Göran Nylén most recently comes from Recyctec Holding AB (publ.) In Jönköping, where he has carried out extensive change work focusing on efficiency, productivity and corporate governance. and business knowledge. 

–I see it as a fantastic stimulating task, together with the organization, to get the benefit of refining and further developing the business, which has great potential to continue to grow at an accelerated rate, ”says Göran Nylén.

Göran Nylén, CEO Helge Nyberg AB


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