Integrated System Solutions

For many of us, logistics will soon mean transporting ice cream from the shop to the beach or a piece of meat from the kitchen to the barbecue. But before then - a short newsletter from us.         We will keep our trolleys rolling during the whole summer. We have to, considering the work load we’re experiencing at the moment. And we’ll enjoy it.

More and more people seem to have discovered Helge Nyberg’s strength. To develop and manufacture high quality trucks and trolleys are important parts of our strategy. 
Our uniqueness though, lies in always seeing the truck and trolley in a wider perspective. 

If one of our smaller customers starts to grow and discover that function would improve if their 
manual trolleys could be lifted by or integrated with a truck, we have already thought of it and have a solution prepared.


The Ergobjörn Taxi Solution is an example of how we
view integration in a system. The concept is developed
for production ran with effective milkruns
In everything we do we consider system integration. If we recommend products or solutions, we do it considering how our customers’ business may develop. Our intention is to understand the customers’ need before they do. With a Helge Nyberg solution you should never find yourself trapped in a corner when business’ change or grow.
With this said, I wish you a nice summer and vacation period. 



CEO Peter Sprigg

With a beautiful landscape view a short distance from Helge Nyberg, we wish you a nice summer. If you are on holiday nearby, please feel welcome to visit us. We are open the whole summer. After a visit at our premises where production is running, we would enjoy buying you lunch by the lake.