Trucks and Trolleys for Material Handling Efficiency

Previously, materials were placed in pallet racks, but now the materials are picked in sequenses onto trolleys and then distributed with trucks and trolley trains further to assembly. The assembly staff are responsible for getting the right trolley, with the right material on time. The result is large time savings and the assembly staff have a better working pace and can focus on the assembling.

Customers are placing greater demands on a short lead time. The production manager Richard Karlsson, previously a production technician at Electrolux, was given the task of organizing the routines in the Swedish factory. He has tested different methods through trial and error and created a new structure for material handling efficiency. 
At an early stage he contacted Helge Nyberg and together with its design engineers they have developed a successful concept.

     – Quality has increased significantly, as well as productivity and delivery reliability. With the help of trains from Helge Nyberg, material arrives on time and to the right place. The size of the material has required a lot of special solutions. This adaptation and further development has taken place as a result of good cooperation, says Rikard Karlsson.

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