New Specialist Solution Connecting Truck and Trolley

We meet the market's need for a smart and flexible solution for picking and distribution!

This unique truck, enable picking with docked rollcontainer in very narrow aisles. The truck can easily be manoeuvred in lifts and on mezzanine floors. It is also possible to connect Taxi Flex Trolleys, creating a longer train handling up to 7 rollcontainers.

Articulated couplings mean that even a long train still tracks well in confined spaces.

Picking Truck model 614

The picture shows the solution with docked rollcontainer. 
The doors are kept in place during driving, and it is possible to pick directly from the truck's platform.

In combination with a Taxi Flex Solution it is possible to handle up to 7 rollcontainers in a train.


The biggest advantage choosing a solution with truck and trolleys equipped with Pick Train Connection, is the shorter length of the train, minimising the distance the operator needs to walk. 

In a longer perspective this means an improved ergonomics and higher cost efficiency.

Picktrain - Film

Docking Solution Systems

To have the possibility to perform a trolley exchange without even stepping off the truck, means high flexibility and is a unique solution we offer.

We also have smart solutions for connecting several trolleys in a train.

Docking System - Film