Solutions for Order Picking, eCommerce and 3PL

Some companies make trucks, while others sell trolleys. As a specialist, Helge Nyberg takes care of the whole picture - people, trolleys and truck. The Ergobjörn truck and trolley concept is a unique solution in the market.

Film - Boråstapeter

Picking of orders, regardless of quantity, become efficient and ergonomic, docking the trolley into the truck. The film from the Swedish wallpaper company Boråstapeter clearly demonstrates this.

Please also view the film on how the Pick Train Connection minimises the turning radius, and furthermore shortens the operator's walking distance.


Film - DHL

Company DHL also uses our solutions for the flexibility and efficiency they contribute with. 

The picture above shows one of our most popular solutions. The trolley closest to the truck has integrated steps, making is easy to reach a height of approximately 3,5 meters.


Film - Picktrain-connection

The biggest advantage with this connection is the shorter length of the train, minimising the distance the operator needs to walk. Since this saves time, it also contributes to a higher cost efficiency.

The film below shows how easily the truck is handled and manoeuvred in narrow aisles.

Picktrain-connection - Manual eCommerce Order Picking

Stayhard, situated in the Western parts of Sweden, provides designers clothes for men. The company was founded in 2005 and is a rapid growing eCommerce Company also having physical stores. 

During 2012, they have received many prestigious awards. As the year's most prominent Digital Company (Today's Industry Magazine), the year's best Technical solution (Swedish Trade) and the year's best performance (Nordic eCommerce Award) .

They use Ergobjörn Trolleys form our product range "mulitorderpicking for eCommerce solutions", which are part of our Mail Order & Distribution segment.
In coming newsletters we will publish a customer case, where you can read more about their tale of success.

Grow Together with Us and Our Solutions

Our Ergobjörn step trolley is perfectly fitted for simple and efficient order picking. The robust shelves can handle up to 150 kg each. To bring the steps with you, facilitates when you need to reach a little bit higher.

When the number of orders increases, there's also a need for a larger trolley. For this purpose we have an easily adaptable trolley for picking. The shelves can be varied in number, and are continuously height adjustable which is an advantage when the size of articles handled vary.

With the purpose of further simplify and make the order picking more efficient, we have made special eCommerce Trolleys. Our strength lies in our ability to meet customers' needs and create an ergonomic and cost efficient solution.