Lindex Choose Helge Nyberg AB

Lindex are investing in several truck and trolley solutions from Helge Nyberg AB for order picking within their growing eCommerce. Lindex distribution centre is located just outside Gothenburg in Sweden and the eCommerce business has been running since 2007.

"Helge Nyberg AB has been a supplier since before, and we know that their truck and trolley solutions are flexible and easy to adapt in a smart way. We know that it works for us", says Mats Olsson, Logistic Manager at Lindex.

Lindex was founded in 1954, and today there are more than 470 stores in 16 countries, where they sell women and kids clothing plus cosmetics. They are a part of the Finnish Stockmann Group with head office in Helsinki.

Within the future, we will publish a customer case from Lindex.

Customer Case eCommerce Stayhard

In the customer case from the successful eCommerce company Stayhard, you can read about how their order picking process and packing become more effective with our Ergobjörn eCommerce Trolleys.

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