Ergonomic Picking Trolleys Increase Profits  - Oriola AB

Since the 1970's had Apoteket AB exclusive right to retail sales of certain drugs, however, in July 2009 was the pharmacy monopoly repealed in Sweden. That resulted in increased entrepreneurial activities and increased availability of drugs in the market. The deregulation in the Swedish market led to a variety of new retailers as well as an increase in services on logistics and distributions. At Helge Nyberg AB we are glad that large market retailers have turned to us. We have been a strong support in major projects and developed solutions that successfully have accommodated the requirements on efficiency and ergonomics of order picking flows.

The same year the pharmacy monopoly repealed in Sweden was the present Kronans droghandel divided into two companies, one of them was KD Pharma. Two years later, Oriola-KD Corporation merged and gathered all wholesale operations under one common brand – Oriola. Oriola AB is today one of Sweden's leading pharmaceutical distributors and has a market share of approximately 40 percentages. In our customer case about Oriola AB you can read about how Helge Nyberg’s ergonomic and efficient picking trolleys contributed to their big profits.

Oriola AB