Smart trolley solutions in combination with tow and picking trucks symbolises our concept. 

At the LogiMAT Fair in Stuttgart we displayed the advantages of being a supplier who both develop and manufacture trolleys. That resulted in a large interest from our visitors.
    We were showing effective picking solutions for the growing E-commerce, where order picking plays a very important part in the logistics.

Our solutions for various material transport also generated interest from our visitors. The trend is to replace the fork lift truck in production with smart trolley solutions transporting material to production using towing trucks. We were showing our different taxi solutions handling both wooden pallets, roll containers and different kinds of waste bins in various types of transports. Modern material replenishment in production is carried out with towing trucks in combination with trolley solutions adapted to the task at hand.

Helge Nyberg's trolley and truck concept is individually adjusted to different customer segments and we want to help our customers having a more efficient daily work situation. Please contact us if you want to know more about our solution.

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