Stadium choose Helge Nyberg AB

Stadium are investing in trolley solution from Helge Nyberg AB for order picking within their eCommerse.
With space for more than 30 orders for each picking trolley, Stadium's online department can maximise its logistics in a supereffective e-commerce solution. There is a lot of pressure on the online department, which is Stadium's biggest shop.
“Our online department is growing like mad and the online shop is Stadium ’s biggest. The collaboration with Helge Nyberg AB has worked really well and the Ergobjörn trolleys are ergonomic with push handles in several different places. Despite being large to accommodate many orders, they are easy to handle. We used to do our picking in a very manual way”, says Kristian Jönsson.

Case Stadium

A film from Stadium 

When visiting Stadium AB, we also took the opportunity to make a film.


Helge Nyberg AB is open during the whole summer

We are open the whole summer, but we have no deliverys during week 29 and 30.
If you want to contact us, please call us  at +46 321 26 300

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