The Taxi Portal makes the train complete

At Helge Nyberg AB we are proud to announce and launch the latest contribution in our family of taxi solutions. Taxi Portal  is a longed for solution at the intralogistic market. A forklift-free production has, together with the LEAN philosophy become a concept that means that the forklift is replaced by a taxi solution.

Helge Nyberg AB has a concept of taxi solutions that enable the industry to provide the production department with goods and supporting a forklift-free production. Another product in the taxi concept family – Taxi Portal – is now launched.
We have identified a need at our customers to be able to load and unload the goods from both sides in the production. We have also received requests of handling weights up to 1200 kg and that our taxi solution should be able to cope with high cleanliness requirements. In addition to this, our customers wish to use existing trolleys and dollies in the transport, together with our own manufactured.
The result is – Taxi Portal – that can handle all of our customers requirements of smart supply of materials to the production department. Our brand new Taxi Portal can be transported in the same train as the rest of the taxitrolleys in our Ergobjörn taxi family. This provides great flexibility for our customers, who can transport different types of material in the same train.

The system means a 100% curve following with an optimised driving safety in narrow spaces. The stable transportation in the train makes the best conditions for a high level of transport safety. Safety is a priority area for us.

– Helge Nyberg AB has one of the widest range of taxi solutions at the international market. We have a taxi concept that makes it possible for our customers that, together with us, create smart and efficient trains that provides material to the production department, Peter Sprigg, CEO, says.
This means a great flexibility with different variables in the same run. For example dollies, roll containers or waste bins. This is something that is in high demand at the market.

The tasteful design of Taxi Portal is the same as the rest of our Ergobjörn range and makes the Taxi concept of Helge Nyberg feel complete.