A functional and flexible truck making transport in narrow aisles and manoeuvring in tight curves possible. The truck is made for handling patients' transports and is equipped with a bench for this purpose. Thanks to its low weight and compact external dimensions it can be used in lifts when carrying our transport tasks. Considering the clean environment which is crucial at hospitals, it has a hardwearing easy to clean, shiny zinc-coated surface. The truck's flexibility also makes it useful for efficient transport of wheel chairs, bed transports, incubators, pharmaceuticals and other medical equipment.  

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    Art. no.14902614
    Maximum Speed12
    Towing Capacity (kg)500
    Gradient Rate10%
    Length (mm)2125/1825
    Width (mm)1120
    Height (mm)1100
    Step-in Height(mm)91
    Ground Clearance (mm)32
    Wheel Base1000
    Electrical System24
    Effect (W)1000
    Type EngineAC
    Drive Wheel250x80
    Rear Wheel(mm)200x50
    Support Wheels(mm)80x35
    Battery Art no12261115