Taxi Industrial 4WS

Pallet measurements adjusted taxi trolley in sizes 800x1200, 1000x1200 or 1200x1200 mm. Four wheel steering. Up to four taxi trolleys can be connected in a train, where each trolley can carry maximum 600 kg. For increased efficiency and flexibility there are full pallet and half pallet dollies and also accessories such as shelf racks for traxi trolley with measuring 800x1200 mm.

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    Art. no.14902296
    Wheel Steering (WS)4
    Max. No of Trolleys4
    Max. Loading Cap. (kg)600
    Length Outer Dim.(mm)1838
    Length Outer Dim. Incl. Tow Bar(mm)2305
    Width Outer Dim. (mm)964 / 1164 / 1364
    Max. Height (mm)1105
    Length Tow Bar (mm)450 / 540 / 655
    Height Tow Bar (mm)335
    Height Tow Hook (mm)328
    Connection Diameter (mm)23
    Ground Clearance (mm)33
    Length Inner Dim.(mm)1330
    Width Inner Dim. (mm)800 / 1000 / 1200
    Max. Speed (km/h)7