A specialist with innovative visions about tomorrow's trolleys and trucks 

Some companies make trucks, while others sell trolleys. Helge Nyberg is the only specialist company that takes care of the whole picture - people, trolleys and trucks.

The Ergobjörn truck and trolley is a unique solution in the market.

We provide lifetime warranty on standard trolleys, since we are aware of the quality.

People’s working environment and ergonomics are given factors in our product development and logistic solutions.

Naturally, we've got the craftmanship. You can be sure of that. But more important still: the company's founder, Helge Nyberg, started making trolleys to meet a need he noticed first-hand at Volvo's parts warehouse. This means we have a shared history with our customers. We're not only specialists in our products - we're also specialists in your everyday work situation. 

That situation means a lot more than what our solutions do for a short moment in time. Therefore, ergonomics and environment are always present factors in our work. Through a human perspective, details improving ergonomics result in a more joyful and attractive workplace. At the same time, an economic effect is created through reduced costs for sick leave and rehabilitation. With the climate in mind, we are certified both for environmental care and our working environment. Also, we view the fact that most of us living in the same area where our production is located, as an equally strong guarantee that we take responsibility for our local environment.

Strong is also the Helge Nyberg's product guarantee. We provide life-time guarantee on our standard trolleys, since we are aware of the quality. Still today, we find Helge trolleys that left our premises more than 50 years ago, still in use at our customers.

Our visions for the future is not focusing on trucks and trolleys. Instead, our visions are about finding the best way to rationalise work procedures and costs for warehouses and light material handling logistics. As long as we can do this with trolleys and trucks, we will concentrate on optimising that technology. But who knows? Ergobjörn may concentrate on completely different solutions in the future. All we know for sure is that the future is the only time we have the power to influence. And we intend to do just that.

Helge Nyberg AB Worldwide

Today, we are a global company with customers in more than 60 countries. The owner is Helge's son Björn Nyberg and our history is vivid in many ways. We're still thinking in the same way - the customer in focus and a development mostly depending on the market's needs.

Our standard trolley range is offered via large catalogue companies throughout Europe. Our partner since many years, Toyota Material Handling, is the world's largest company within material handling, and part of the company which founded the Lean Principles. Our solutions are part of their range.
Our head office with development and manufacturing is located in Sweden and we have sales offices in Germany and HongKong. Our sales consultants in Sweden and Germany both help our partners and end customers to find the best and smartest solutions for in-house material handling. As specialists we want to offer constantly increasing efficiency, better ergonomics and positive economic results for our customers. 

Helge Nyberg AB is an international company with sales of our truck and trolley concept in 60 countries. Our head office with production and development is in Ulricehamn, Sweden. Our trademark Ergobjörn® is developed by ourselves with focus on making life better and easier for our customers. We have created a knowledge which ensures a modern, stable and reliable quality.