Pioneering local production 

Helge Nyberg's first product wasn't purchased - it was created from scratch, following an idea of more efficient order picking. Research and development are part of our heritage, and something we still cherish. Not only is our production located in Ulricehamn, but also our research and development department. This means local production, and a constant work to find new and even smarter solutions.

We don't view customised solutions as something problematic. We look at it as a challenge, developing both our own and the users' daily work. The experience and knowledge in craftmanship at our R&D Department have made us known for providing solutions that increase value based on customers' terms.

Increased efficiency and improved ergonomics are in focus for our development department's work. In many ways, this can be visualised in our products. Trolleys adapted to a certain kind of goods, specially built holders, and trucks with integrated steps with optimised measurements for a specific task are just some examples. Do you have special requests for your company? We'll solve it - together.  

Do you need a customised solution?

We would like to help you!

Providing special solutions during the years, have built our success and our good customer relations.

Therefore it's important that you don't hesitate to contact us if you're looking for additional information, or is looking for a solution you can't find yourself.

Anders Toftmark, Simon Johansson, Tilda Erneborn, Bengt Kindberg and Dan Karlsson.

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