It will be easy to understand the benefits of our wagon and forklift solutions when we are out visiting our customers in their everyday life and business. Therefore, we are happy to share a collection of customer cases that describe each customer's unique solution based on their wishes and needs.


Held Biker Fashion halved the driving distance per day.

For more than 70 years, Held GmbH in Kempten, Germany, has been responsible for innovative motorcycle garments and equipment of the highest quality. Today, the brand and products are represented through a global network of more than 3,000 retailers. Due to the growing demand for its products, Held needed to expand logistically. To make the picking process more ergonomic and efficient, they looked for a solution and found Helge Nyberg AB.

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Increased efficiency with trolleys instead of racking.

The Value Added Service department at Blåkläder, Sweden, needed to get more space and streamline its production. Together with Helge Nyberg AB, an Ergobjörn trolley was designed that is fully adapted to Blåkläder’s needs.

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Bagaren & Kocken (Baker & Chef)

Focus on sustainability and efficiency.

Baker and Chef is one of Sweden’s largest online stores within kitchen appliances. When they went from order picking with manual trolleys to a truck solution, the old Ergobjörn trolleys were re-built to get the picking completely adapted to the greatest possible efficiency. 
Sustainability and efficiency are parts of the company’s strategy.

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Order picking robot and manually in perfect combination.

At Intersport’s warehouse in Nässjö, Sweden, the order picking robot runs hand in hand with the trucks and trolleys from Helge Nyberg AB. The picking for the online shop starts in the robot and continues to trolleys that are being transported by truck. Here from the manual picking begins to pick up products that do not fit into the automatic picking system.

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Three generations of trucks in Vedum

In the warehouse building at Vedum Kitchen & Bath, three generations of trucks from Helge Nyberg AB share the site. The oldest one is over 20 years old and, of course, looks a little tired, and the personnel are laughing a bit while driving. But it’s still going strong.

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PostNord solves the logistics of

When PostNord TPL gathered all the departments of under one roof, the logistics of the company improved. Previously, the departments were scattered in several different cities, but now the order picking and deliveries to customers are much smoother than before. 

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Flexibility – a motto of PostNord

PostNord offers communications and logistics solutions in the Nordic region. Third Party Logistics needs high flexibility in picking. Their customers have different kinds of products in different sizes that should be able to be picked in the same trolley. With angled shelves and a engine that drives the trolley, PostNord manages to meet their customers’ needs.

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Adjustable trolleys for best ergonomics

At Mekonomen Wholesaler the personnel’s health is taken seriously. At the purchase of new trolleys the ergonomics and efficiency had a high priority. They choosed step trolleys that individually adapts to the picker’s needs.

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Electric trolleys efficiency the picking

At Yves Rocher in Helsingborg, Sweden, they’re sending up to 15.000 packages a day. To pick straight into the delivery boxes has efficiency the flow and with the new trolleys with electric engines they have been able to increase the capacity. The result is very satisfied personnel who picks more efficiency and at the same time more ergonomic.

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Half picking time increases the efficiency

An order picker at Engelsons packed between 70 and 80 orders a day before the logistics change. Now, the number has increased to 160 orders a day. Despite that the personnel finds the pace more calm than before.

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Fresenius invests in Taxi Solution by Helge Nyberg AB and our partner Toyota Material Handling

As the market leader for dialysis machines Fresenius Medical Care sets the standard worldwide. Also in the efficiency of production, the bar is set high, they uses the major carmakers philosophy, Lean Management. To streamline the internal material supply Fresenius has chosen a taxi solution by Helge Nyberg AB and our partner Toyota Material Handling.

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The "pick-train" connection extremley decisive

 – We love the ”pick-train” connection. It’s sharp. To be able to turn in narrow hallways, results in us getting more space and more efficiency, says Martin Blidberg, operations manager at Jollyroom. 

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More trolleys to handle more pressure

With space for more than 30 orders for each picking trolley, Stadium's online department can maximise its logistics in a super-effective e-commerce solution. There is a lot of pressure on the online department, which is Stadium's biggest shop.

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Ergonomic KIT- trolleys solved the lack of space

In the past, employees picked orders and placed material directly on pallets. This was not an ergonomic solution. Today, picking lists are printed and after that, the employees pick material in a certain order, filling up a kit-trolley. The kitted trolleys are then placed in a specific parking location where they are later picked up by trucks and further distributed to the technicians in production.  

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E-commerce trucks provided improved work environment

The growing e-commerce is evolving and when e-commerce becomes more of a habit for consumers, the demands on the logistics around it increase as well. Hence, Lyko Hair AB was in need of making their material handling even more efficient. 

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Ergonomic picking trolleys increase profits

– We have gained an enormous amount of time. The new trolleys allow one person to pick nearly twice as much as before and the quality defects have basically been eliminated, says Jonas Helfridsson. 

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Rapid growth in e-commerce for fashion-conscious men

A fantastic journey for two young entrepreneurs starting off in a basement. Today, Stayhard have 30 employees. With many important prizes and awards during the years, the vision of becoming Scandinavia’s leading fashion house for men doesn’t seem far away.

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Successful LEAN-Project with KIT-trolleys

As for many other companies working with Lean based improvement projects, focus for Dynapac AB involved improved material flow, cost savings and efficient use of warehouse and production space. Ergonomics also played an important part.

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Flexibility for a growing e-commerce

Ergobjörn Trucks from Helge Nyberg AB have since June 2013 been in the building where E-commerce orders are handled, . Efficiency is steadily increasing in the newly renovated warehouse, tailor made to their flow. And highly efficient work is crucial, especially since Linde'x E-commerce has been growing with 30 percent per year for the past seven years.

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Order picking made efficient with manual trolleys

Postnord Logistics TPL AB , within Third Party logistics, are the largest in Sweden and a significant distributor in the re-regulated pharmacy business in Sweden. With manual trolleys, approximately 100,000 order lines are picked every week. The constantly increasing efficiency is largely due to the fact that Postnord Logistics TPL AB are in the forefront with logistic solutions in their warehouse and in their order picking process.

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More flexibility for order picking, personnel and products 

Electrolux Distriparts AB with 200 employees, is situated just outside Jönköping at the southern end of the lake Vättern. It is one of Sweden’s most important areas in terms of logistics. The company is responsible for the distribution of spare parts and  accessories for the Electrolux Group and Husqvarna AB. More than 40 million items for professionals and household work are sold every year to 150 different countries by Electrolux. That makes them world-leaders. 

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Helge Nyberg AB is an international company with sales of our truck and trolley concept in 60 countries. Our head office with production and development is in Ulricehamn, Sweden. Our trademark Ergobjörn® is developed by ourselves with focus on making life better and easier for our customers. We have created a knowledge which ensures a modern, stable and reliable quality.