Picking on lower levels increases efficiency

Customer case: Rexel Sverige AB

With a demand for increased productivity in their facilities, Rexel Sweden AB in Årsta just outside Stockholm, turned to Helge Nyberg AB. One of the reasons for that, was the previous successful project for one of the group’s companies (Storel) in Gothenburg.
  Rexel’s offer includes new and sustainable electrical solutions and electrical supplies for industry, the housing market and commercial sector. The group is represented in  37 countries and have more than 30,000 employees. In Årsta there are 70 people employed. 

Six different warehouses should become one in the 17,000 m2 large facilities, meaning new articles are constantly being handled and added in the system. An ongoing project involves high frequent items for picking should be moved from high shelves to lower shelves. Handling these articles using trucks with elevating platform was too time consuming, and instead they are picked with trucks and attached step trolleys from Helge Nyberg AB. Maximum height for high frequency items are 2 meters. 

" –Helge Nyberg has quickly and smoothly successfully helped us to increase both productivity and efficiency."

Gabriel Chamouni, responsible for warehouse service Rexel Sverige AB

More order lines each shift

Similar picking trucks have been used by another of the group’s companies in Gothenburg for 15 years, and the company is a model for how the work in Stockholm shall become more efficient.  
   “– The personnel likes the trucks from Helge Nyberg. They think they are fast and easy to drive”, says Gabriel Chamouni, responsible for Warehouse Service.
Moving the articles have already generated an increased efficiency. More and more order lines are being picked every shift. Another 15% of the articles in the warehouse should be handled with the trucks from Helge Nyberg AB before the same levels as those in Gothenburg are obtained.

The number of boxes on a trolley is automatically controlled via Molp computer system.

– Helge Nyberg have quickly and smoothly successfully helped us to increase both productivity and efficiency. We are very satisfied. And since we see how well things are working in Gothenburg, we are convinced that it will be great here in Stockholm as well”, says Gabriel.

Easy trolley exchange

The Molp computer system chooses which kind of box should be used for which articles, and also how many boxes that the trolley should be filled up with. The size of the box is determined by the articles’ weight and volume. The system merges many orders and automatically creates an optimum driving round for the picking. For one round, a maximum of 25 orders can
be picked. 
When picking is finished, the trolley is disconnected at the loading area and the order is added to other orders from another system, but for the same customer. 
“– We work a lot with measuring and reporting from our system. The picking flow is constantly improving”, says Gabriel.
    “– Helge Nyberg have quickly and smoothly successfully helped us to increase both productivity and efficiency. We are very satisfied. And since we see how well things are working in Gothenburg, we are convinced that it will be great here in Stockholm as well”, he finishes. 

The trucks for Rexel are sold through Helge Nyberg AB’s global partner Toyota Material Handling, under the brand name BT-Movit TSE100W-609.

Picking truck 709

Picking truck 709

Shelf trolley 27 Picking truck

Shelf trolley 27 Picking truck

När vagnarna kopplats loss från trucken, kan varorna packas och skickas till kunden.

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