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Three generations of trucks in Vedum

Customer case: Vedum kitchen & bath

In the warehouse building at Vedum Kitchen & Bath, three generations of trucks from Helge Nyberg AB share the site. The oldest one is over 20 years old and, of course, looks a little tired, and the personnel are laughing a bit while driving. But it’s still going strong.

Vedum Kitchen & Bath is a family business that started in 1919 in a small town in the West countryside. They manufacture and sell kitchen, bathroom and laundry facilities.

Straight through the town runs Älvsborgsbanan, a railway that goes between Uddevalla and Borås.

When Vedum Kitchen & Bath grew, they needed to build a new warehouse of 11,000 sqm, and they saw no other way than placing it on the other side of the railroad. Therefore, the material is now being transported from the production to the warehouse on a bridge over the rail.

Vagnen som kopplas på efter dragtrucken är extra stor för att få plats med de långa köksdetaljerna.

The trolley that is connected to the towing tractor is extra large to accommodate the long kitchen details.

Long cooperation

When the new premises were built, more space was created for production, thus increasing capacity and making handling of stock and outgoing delivery more rational.

At this stage, more trucks were needed and since the cooperation with Helge Nyberg AB extends over 20 years, it was natural to expand with a third generation of forklift trucks.

Tomas Berg is delivery manager and he is very pleased with the electric trucks.

– We bought new forklift trucks to the warehouse, but also a new towing tractor solution, that was new to us, Tomas Berg says.

After the towing tractors, large trolleys are connected. These trolleys are designed to be able to handle the very long material that are picked up. The trolleys are driven to the packing department, where they are disconnected and waiting for packing. 

Kitchen and bathroom

When the material from the production enters the warehouse, it is placed on shelves. From here, each order is picked, then packed and sent to the customer.

An order can for example consist of two bathrooms and a laundry room that is to be delivered to a house manufacturer or eight kitchens to a rental property of a construction company.

The products picked from the shelves are often big and heavy, therefore it requires a trolley and truck that can handle the load.

Etikettskrivaren är placerad på sidan av gaffeltrucken, eller på ryggstödet.

The label printer is located on the side of the forklift or on the backrest.

Tomas Berg, chef leverans Vedum

" – Everything has worked out very well. Right from the start."

Tomas Berg, delivery manager Vedum

Safe quality

The trucks has the forks pointing backwards and they are designed with quiet and reliable lift for handling loads up to 500 kg.

– Right now we have one of our older trucks on service, but that’s probably the first time, says Tomas Berg, smiling.

– Everything has worked out very well. Right from the start.

20% increase

Vedum has about 450 employees and they produce about 7,000 cabinets a week.

It is a 20 percent increase over the last three years. They run 3 shift, with full production under two of them and one reduced shift at night.

One of the reasons for the positive figures is the increase in sales in the webshop. Here the products are also sold directly to the final consumer.

– This means that the single-piece picking is increasing and when the computer system is running like it’s supposed to, we will be able to increase the rate even more, says Tomas Berg.

My company logotype

Helge Nyberg AB is an international company with sales of our truck and trolley concept in 60 countries. Our head office with production and development is in Ulricehamn, Sweden. Our trademark Ergobjörn® is developed by ourselves with focus on making life better and easier for our customers. We have created a knowledge which ensures a modern, stable and reliable quality.