Rapid growth in e-commerce for fashion-conscious men

Customer case: Stayhard

Since the start in 2005, the e-commerce company Stayhard has grown with 35-50% per year until 2012, and this without any external financing. A fantastic journey for two young entrepreneurs starting off in a basement. Today, Stayhard have 30 employees. With many important prizes and awards during the years, the vision of becoming Scandinavia’s leading fashion house for men doesn’t seem far away. They also have two stores, one in Gothenburg and one at the head office in the small town of Herrljunga. The company is since 2014 owned by Ellos Group.

Joakim Naumburg, former CEO and owner, and his colleague Daniel Möller, discovered early a need in the market for unique branded clothes for fashion-conscious men. They started off selling clothes over the Internet that could not be found in Swedish stores. The need for flexible solutions for order picking was noticeable only after a year or so in business, since the company already then had outgrown the basement at home.

" – We place great emphasis on creating long term relationships for the future and Helge Nyberg helps us expand."

Johan Gustafsson, logistics manager Stayhard

Through previous contacts, a cooperation with logistics consultant ProFlow and Helge Nyberg AB started. This led to the development of customised solutions, and soon Ergobjörn e-commerce trolleys were in use. These trolleys meant a significant improvement in comparison with the earlier order picking situation, since the new trolleys made it possible to pick several orders simultaneously. Before, they picked orders one one at the time. 
The order is printed from software supplier Pulsen’s system called Harmony, and is already then perfectly adapted to the order picking process. The trolleys used have 9, 12, 24 or 48 compartments. Over 10,000 articles are found in the warehouse and all of them have unique places. Almost all articles are estimated by volume and separatedinto different zones depending on picking frequency. A well thought-out system that never causes collision between trolleys, and no going back and forth. Six people work with order picking and packing. No less than 150 orders are picked per day, and at the most around 3,000. Christmas time is peak season, and staff is then increased to 20 people.

Johan Gustafsson, logistics manager Stayhard

Articles already sorted on the picking trolley, makes the packing more efficient.

Development and Relations

Johan Gustafsson, Logistics Manager at Stayhard, has been aquainted with Helge Nyberg AB since his previous workplaces. ”Helge Nyberg plays an important part for us and our development. 
We place great emphasis on creating long term relationships for the future and Helge Nyberg help us expand”, he says.
The main market is Scandinavia with a focus on Sweden. Some orders are exported to European countries, and there are plans for expansion. 

Photo Studio and a Unique Store

The business has been managed with a customer focus from the start, and the website is of high quality. Stayhard themselves manages all content and all photos for the web into their own studio. Ergobjörn
trolleys are found here as well. One is specially built for photo kits, where clothes, shoes and accessories can be organised for every photo shoot. 
The store is found close to the warehouse and the head office. Personnel take turns to look after it. A unique part of their concept is a webshop within the physical shop.Using a computer, the customer can choose from all available articles in the range. When picking one item, information goes directly in the main system and secures the article in the warehouse. The items are then gathered from the warehouse to be tried out by the customer in the shop. Of course, they use a trolley from Helge Nyberg AB for this task.

Prizes and Awards

During the years, Stayhard have received many prestigious awards. Well worth mentioning is the prize for two years in a row, as one of the fastest growing companies in Sweden by Today’s
Industry Magazine. On their website you can read more about their impressive accomplishments. 

Black mini trolley with two baskets

Black mini trolley with two baskets

Step trolley 100 3 shelves

Step trolley 100 3 shelves

Shelf trolley 300 mod 12

Shelf trolley 300 mod 12


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