From yesterday's standard to top of the line

 Customer case: Blåkläder

There are probably many companies looking just like Blåkläder did a few years ago. A prosperous company with increasing sales, but an outgrown warehouse. Helge Nyberg became part of their solution. 

Blåkläder has clothes that could cope with most things. But, just a few years ago, they were in pressing need of a modern warehouse logistics.
    – Our warehouse was all about manual handling, almost 50’s style. We had to act, says Marcus Gustavsson, Warehouse Manager at Blåkläder.

Avoiding Bottlenecks

Said and done. First, they contacted logistics consultant ProFlow. They made a substantial analysis of current status and possible future  requirements.
    – It is important to check that no bottlenecks emerge. Then you have to think forward and be careful not find yourself trapped in a warehouse, or logistic solution, that is difficult to change, says Marcus.

" – With the help from Helge Nyberg AB we have a warehouse with top-of-the-line standard."

Marcus Gustavsson, warehouse manager Blåkläder

After ProFlow had finished their analysis, they recommended transport solutions from Helge Nyberg. Dan Karlsson, responsible for Blåkläder at Helge Nyberg, contacted Blåkläder directly. After being informed about the situation, and after further analysis together with ProFlow, a solution was  recommended. Delivery was then about to follow.
    – We delivered 10 trucks and 30 trolleys for different kinds of orders picked. Trolleys adapted for both large and small boxes,and also for clothes put in compartments, says Dan.

The solution works very well. Marcus Gustavsson, Warehouse Manager at Blåkläder is satisfied with the Helge Nyberg cooperation.
    – Absolutely. It has been perfect from beginning to end. Helge Nyberg really takes the time to do things right from the start. 

Very high efficiency

På Blåkläder har man minutiös kontroll på logistiken. Marcus berättar att de räknar ut logistikkostnad per plagg. Utslaget på all personal – lagerpersonal, administration, vaktmästare – ska genomströmningen vara cirka 40 plagg per person och timme. Genom att räkna ut logistiken så i detalj kan man jämföra över tid, upptäcka eventuella flaskThe logistics at Blåkläder is controlled in detail. Marcus tells that logistics is calculated per garment. Taking in consideration warehouse personnel, administration, janitors – about 40 garments should pass per person and hour. By calculating logistics as thorough as that, it is easy to compare over time and to discover  bottlenecks or faults, and to further improve efficiency.    – The condition for having a warehouse in Sweden is to have very high efficiency, otherwise personnel cost would be too high. With the help from Helge Nyberg we have a warehouse with top-of-the-line standard. Today, we are so efficient, that we have two guys employed just to clean and keep everything in order. Everything needs to be neat to enable work to run smoothly, says Marcus.  halsar eller fel och på så sätt effektivisera logistiken.

Jeanette Nilsson, VAS-manager Blåkläder

10 000 m2 new warehouse

Once again, Blåkläder has outgrown their warehouse. Therefore investment has been made in a new building close to the existing one. This should hold the buffer items, which will mean more space in the picking area with longer distances to drive. Once again, Helge Nyberg is a supplier.
    – Our current warehouse is 20,000 m2 and the new 10,000 m2, so we are growing strongly. Today, we have  no idea of how many trucks and trolleys we will need. But it will be quite a few, finishes Marcus. 

Picking truck 713

Picking truck 713

Shelf trolley 27, Picking truck 713

Shelf trolley 27, Picking truck 713

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